Longline T shirts With Curved Hem Snapbacks and Caps

Who We Are

The Streetwear brand built from the blocks, but not held back by our boundaries. Our clothing is London born with global ambition. We’re for those from the block that know no boundaries. Success breeds success and that’s what we’re about.

The Block

This is where you’re from. Where you were raised. It made you, moulded you. For better or worse wherever you go you rep The Block. This is us, our brand, your streetwear, you wear it, you’re representing. You’re drawing a line in the sand. It’s an extension of you, your memories, your friends those tower blocks, those streets, that corner shop, that song that epitomises your friendship group. That long walk home. That bus journey. The graffiti on the walls. That is the Block it evokes memories, positive and negative, that have made you who you are. Wearing this is your identity and you’re proud to do it. This apparel becomes part of ‘The Block’.

No boundaries

This is what we were told we can’t do. We were at a disadvantage. This is where the journey stops. That glass ceiling we just can’t get through. We threw the plan out the window and set our own benchmark through our streetwear. This is what we’re going to do because we know no boundaries because we were told we can’t. Our passion for streetwear will overtake those in front and bring those who follow us along. We’re breaking boundaries down and rewriting the playbook. Those from the block know no boundaries. Blocks and Boundaries will be global, be a part of it.

Join the movement!